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Freedom Box of 9

Freedom Box of 9
Freedom Box of 9
Freedom Box of 9

Freedom Box of 9


3 units of Coco Y Frutas
Introducing a fusion of dried mango, berries and pineapple rolled with coconut inspired by the Latin tropical dusk hues. A mithai that brings the bright sunset colours to your dessert plate!

3 units of Abricot Du Luxe
Inspired by the royal Hyderabadi dessert Khubani Ka Meetha, this flavour-packed mithai is filled with Turkish apricot fudge stuffed with cashews.

3 units of Pumpkin & Nutella Spice
A novel take on Nutella treats, this delicious mithai has cinnamon and ginger-spiced pumpkin, coated with crunchy Iranian pistachios and filled with chocolaty Nutella.

Please note:

Our boxes come ribbon packed with a product menu card & a carry bag.

Box color of the box may vary from the color seen in the picture

• Always freshly prepared, handmade and with carefully chosen high quality ingredients.

• ZERO preservatives.

• All our mithai have reduced sugar content. 

• 100% Vegetarian and Eggless.  

• Net weight (Approx): 30-40g

• Storage and consumption. Store in a cool dry place. Our mithai are best enjoyed at ambient temperatures and within 3-4 days of receiving.  

• Refrigeration: Shelf life can be extended by refrigeration. But for best flavours enjoy them at ambient temperatures.